Sunday, March 12, 2006

Le Mans Cathdral - shadows on the ceiling from the ironwork at the entrance to the Chapel of the Angels.

Le Mans Cathedral

Chartres - The Labyrinth inside the cathedral that pilgrims used to walk on their knees. It would take them an hour to go thru the cycle. The little pink blur is Sophia racing across it in 3 seconds flat.

Sophia - the windblown look.

Sophia at 2 years old

Chartres - Troy & Sophia enjoying the horses!

Le Mans - Ceiling of the Chapel of the Angels...

I like Chocolate!

Chartres - Troy & Sophia on the Carousel.

Le Mans - Sophia & Moya walking the midevil streets.

Detail of the back side of the Choir in the Cathedral. Darkness fills the Nave because of the reconstruction & cleaning of the stain glass windows.

The Cathedral at Chartres

Le Mans - Sophia playing with the phone

Le Mans - Playing on the side of the Cathedral