Saturday, August 08, 2009

Sophia swims!

One goal for our time in Seattle was to get Sophia into swim lessons, which we did when we signed her up at Day Camp - an hour a day for 5 days, and boy did she learn! By the time we got her back in the pool in California, she was jumping off the side and swimming - some crawl, some breast stroke, and some doggie paddle - all the way across & back again. Over & Over. It was wonderful, and amazing. All of a sudden swimming was fun!

The Pleasant Hill Water Park

We really wanted to get together with Troy’s cousin Sandy & her family, as well as Troy’s brother, but having all the kids at a restaurant is not a situation where you can actually have a conversation about, well, anything really.  So Sandy found a water park in the East Bay that looked like it would work out well for us.  It was perfect, the closest thing to a German water park I have seen in the US, apart from the fact that they made a couple of bad design decisions.**

San Fran 2009 517

Anyway, we had a great time.  The kids just RAN & jumped into the water.  Sophia was jumping off the edge of the pool & swimming underwater to the ladder – thank you swim lessons!  Alexandra was really happy to toddle around in the sprays.  For Sophia it was especially fun because her cousin Amarah is 6 months older than her, and it is always more fun to have a friend when playing.

San Fran 2009 507

Marty & his new wife Monica came as well, and Marty chased down the ice cream man & bought treats for everyone.  The best way to make an impression as a fun uncle for our kids.

San Fran 2009 516It was great to be watch the kids play & have fun & we managed to actually have a few conversations on the side.  It was a hot day, and the water was the best place to be. San Fran 2009 508 San Fran 2009 519

(**The water spray area has a cement floor, so the kids can’t run thru any of the fountains or sprays…  What’s with that?  The life guards spend most of the time yelling at kids to stop running!  Where is the fun there?  And it puts the life guards in a terrible position – how do you allow the kids the be kids when they can’t run & play?)

Friday, August 07, 2009

Dinner with the Godfather

We had dinner with Ron & Carol tonight (Mexican – whoohoo!!), and then the girls were able to play with Tyler when Jen & Justin came by as well.  Sophia was immediately comfortable with Ron & Carol, even riding in their car back from dinner, and both girls played so hard, they were asleep before we left the driveway on the way back to the city.

San Fran 2009 498 San Fran 2009 500 San Fran 2009 505 The mustang was a huge hit.  I think Alexandra spent hours going in & out of it.

No photos of the baseball that was being played, I was laughing too hard.  Tyler & Alexandra kept running into each other as they were making their was around the “bases,”  with Alexandra being on the ground after impact most of the time.  Tyler is a little bigger than her.

Garden Photos

After the aquarium, we walked over to the conservatory to take some photos – we are the kodak moment family – and to let the girls run around a bit.  The Museum was quite crowded, and it was a relief to be in the fresh air for a while…

Plus we needed some updated photos of the girls with their Nounas.

San Fran 2009 395 San Fran 2009 402 San Fran 2009 424 San Fran 2009 430   San Fran 2009 429

San Fran 2009 446San Fran 2009 441

(Sophia running down the hill reminded me so much of Little House on the Prairie, I kept waiting for the tumble.)

San Fran 2009 419 Thanks Cynthia & Mary for a great day!!

A day with the fish

We spent the morning at the Steinhart Aquarium with Mary & Cynthia & the girls absolutely loved it.  One of Alexandra’s new words is Fish, and she was going crazy while we were there saying “fish, fish, FISH” over & over again.  She could never imagine so many fish in one place.

San Fran 2009 352 I think the title of Aquarium really limits what you would think of the building.  There was a rain forest (lots of humidity & big hair) with tons of butterflies, San Fran 2009 356San Fran 2009 354 an African Hall with lots of stuffed animals & some live Penguins, San Fran 2009 394 an underwater tunnel, San Fran 2009 371San Fran 2009 374San Fran 2009 380 the touch tank,San Fran 2009 386San Fran 2009 389 the Planetarium, and a roof Observation Deck with great views of Golden Gate park.  Somehow we missed the swamp with the Albino Aligator…  Next time.

Thursday, August 06, 2009


We had dinner tonight in celebration of Cynthia’s name day, and the restaurant they chose could not have been better named for us.

San Fran 2009 494 Seriously – we get called this all the time…

San Fran 2009 493 Good food,  And happy hour with $5 metzes from 6-8pm.

Playtime with little cousins

We love going to Pacifica & getting together with Pete & Sharon, and today they brought their 2 grandchildren with them, which is only fun for our kids.  After brunch at the golf course, we headed back to their house for some play time.

San Fran 2009 298 San Fran 2009 300 San Fran 2009 305

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

More & more at the beach

It was just such a fun day, that the photos kept on coming…

 San Fran 2009 095 San Fran 2009 170 San Fran 2009 055San Fran 2009 177San Fran 2009 076San Fran 2009 109 San Fran 2009 125

Sisters in the sand

One of the most fun things on the beach was seeing the playfulness & joy come out between the girls.  Sophia just loves being a big sister to Alexandra, and Alexandra just adores Sophia in return.  Although it gets a bit wild at times, the giggling seems non-stop in our house right now.

San Fran 2009 130  San Fran 2009 143

San Fran 2009 138

San Fran 2009 150

San Fran 2009 152

San Fran 2009 162

More Sun on the Beach at Crissy Field

Today was our day to go to the Exploratorium, and then to the beach afterwards if we had time, but when we drove into the parking lot at the Palace of Fine Arts, the line for the museum was around the corner & the lot was packed!  We didn’t feel like waiting an hour to get into the museum, so we changed plans & headed to Crissy Field for some beach play.  San Fran 2009 043 San Fran 2009 039

And what a day we had.  It turned out that it was the national Kite Boarding Championships were taking place later that day, and the wind was just perfect for flying our own kites (thank you Mary for thinking ahead!!).San Fran 2009 174

San Fran 2009 059 Alexandra kept trying to get into kite flying as well, but mostly like chasing the tails.San Fran 2009 060

The entertainment was non-stop; Kite Boarders, Groups of Parachutes with colored smoke, a fly-bye from the Blue Angels, Sun, Wind…  It was heaven.San Fran 2009 124 San Fran 2009 087 San Fran 2009 111 San Fran 2009 075 and everyone in constant motion…