Friday, January 08, 2010

Back to School

We felt so lucky, we were able to drive out of Paris ahead of the snow on Wednesday, and thru the swirls in the Alsace and Black Forest, all the way back to Munich.  Thursday, we woke up to snowy skies, and snowy fields by the school.  The cool thing is the kids can bring their sleds (sledges) to school, and play all through recess and then in the 30 min after school that it is still light out.Jan 2010 037 Jan 2010 035 Jan 2010 040 Jan 2010 050 Jan 2010 049 Jan 2010 047

Monday, January 04, 2010

A carousel for Sophia

After promising Sophia a puppet show after church, we were dismayed to realize that we had missed the start by 30 min, so she was consoled by the endless rides on the carousel at Trocadero.

Jan 2010 839 and she even got to ride the black horse (there is only one black horse on the carousel so it is a really big deal!)

Jan 2010 844 and she & Troy were able to check out the ice rink at the top of Trocadero (totally new from when we lived in Paris)

Jan 2010 848

Paris, on date night

We feel so very fortunate that when we arrive in paris we can call our favorite person in the entire world to watch the girls (thanks Leilani!!!) and have a few date nights.  We spent the first night walking by Notre Dame and then off to Mexican food, Monday at Georges (on top of the Pompidou museum), and Tuesday with friends Kate & Marc with amazing food.  Unfortunately we only took a few photos, too distracted by great food and conversation!Jan 2010 029 Jan 2010 032 Jan 2010 034

Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Friends

After being amazingly late to church on Sunday (I don’t think we were EVER this late before), we finally made it, and then were able to meet our new friend Benjamin after the service.  His parents, Annie & Jon, are so proud, and we fee so lucky to have been able to meet him.  Sophia was especially proud to be able to hold him first,

Jan 2010 803 while I just had to standbyJan 2010 808 and Alexandra reminded Philip how cute she isJan 2010 805 and then the parents took over, and Annie & Jon shared their joyJan 2010 822 We were just so thrilled to be part of his introduction to people in his life.  Thanks for sharing Benjamin with us!!