Saturday, January 02, 2010


Troy had meetings scheduled for the first 2 working days of the year, then epiphany is a holiday in Bavaria & the girls weren’t going back to school until the 7th, so we thought that we would all join him in Paris for a few days.  A great excuse to see friends & celebrate the new year in our favorite city.

Jan 2010 681 After arriving we immediately headed for the Jardin d’Acclimatation for some running around time (in the freezing cold) before enjoying a little room service.  (Troy travels a lot so he is used to it, but for me, room service is the ultimate splurge – and we brought out own wine!)  Anyway, back to the park…Jan 2010 697 The girls loved the hall of mirrors.Jan 2010 694 Jan 2010 704 Jan 2010 706Sophia was so excited to show Troy how she was able to ride the horses, among other rides, all by herself!Jan 2010 717

Jan 2010 712 Alexandra was ok at the beginning of the ride with Sophia, and then totally lost it.  The man working on the ride kept counting the laps down to her, in French, hoping to make her feel better.Jan 2010 732 Sophia paddled around in her princess canoe Jan 2010 742 and we all took our time with the percussion instrumentsJan 2010 748 Sophia spotted Guignol’s van, and we promised her a puppet show after church tomorrowJan 2010 764 Jan 2010 770 and the trampoline is always a hit, except when you are too little or too old to jump, and then it’s just time to go back to the hotel & get warm!! Jan 2010 775 Jan 2010 785 and the train ride back…Jan 2010 798

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Crazy New Years

After the girls slept, and slept thru all of the preliminary fireworks, the world exploded above us.

Jan 2010 664 We tried waking Sophia, but she thought it was too loud & just wanted to go back to sleep.

Luckily she did, because it sounded like we were being bombed.  Troy went to Koenigsplatz, and survived the implosion of people, fireworks, and lack of self control.  It appears when there are no rules, then all common sense goes out the window.Jan 2010 651 This guy, with the rocket launcher strapped to his arm, is a prime example of the chaos.Jan 2010 639 Jan 2010 660 At one point the crowd was being fired upon by groups of people.  No one seemed to mind.

Jan 2010 669 In the meantime I was ducking fireworks on our street, hoping that our car was not going to explode.

Kinder New Years 2009-2010

The girls rang in the New Year with us a little early – 7pm our time – midnight in New Delhi.  We purchased a “kids safe” fireworks kit from the local supermarket – just a few spinning flowers, sparklers, whistling peetes, and a few poppers for good measure. 

Jan 2010 478 We kept the girls a good distance away, except for the poppers that kept falling out of the bag that Sophia was carrying. 

Everything was going great until someone rode by on a bike & dropped off a sky flying box…Jan 2010 477 Alexandra freaked out a bit.

Jan 2010 536 But the sparklers were great fun!Jan 2010 487 Jan 2010 495 Jan 2010 568 Jan 2010 575 Then we went home & had a Hot Chocolate PARTY!!Jan 2010 583 Jan 2010 631 Jan 2010 617 Jan 2010 615 Jan 2010 624 and pure joy ended 2009 for our girls!

Jan 2010 606

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Museum Day in Munich

Troy & I took advantage of a babysitting opportunity to have a date day, visiting Villa Stuck and the Bavarian State Museum, with a warming lunch in between.  villa Stuck

Villa Stuck is impressive, from it’s original house structurevilla Stuckvilla Stuck (who can live in rooms that look like this – I would have a serious anxiety attack)villa Stuck But the “Girls of Tiffany” exhibit was fascinating.  I just loved hearing the stories behind the designs, even if they were all told from the perspective of the designer…villa Stuck The Bavarian State Museum was an impressive palace, with a few rooms that were amazing (the instruments, cabinets, and armor were our favorites!) but was a bit confusing, and we never were able to find the exhibit on the Manger that were somewhere within the walls…Bavarian State Museum Bavarian State Museum and the table setting for the archbishop… very rich indeed…Bavarian State Museum

Pillow FIGHT!

Jan 2010 459

Sophia decided to go around the entire house & put all of the pillows in our entry way so we could have a family pillow fight!  Great fun, and one of the special things we can do with daddy “working” from home.

Jan 2010 466 Jan 2010 456