Saturday, September 01, 2007

Playtime with Constance & Alexandra

Last week we went to Kate & Constance's house for a morning coffee/playtime with Jennifer & Alexandra, which went relatively well considering we were trying to keep a 3-1/2 year old, 18 mo old, and 11 mo old entertained enough to actually have a conversation in the background!
I'm afraid we caused complete chaos at their house. But it was a fun time and it was great to re-connect after the rentre.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Back to the Paris parks

We arrived back in Paris before the grand "Rentre" coming up this weekend, and were able to take some time to enjoy a quiet afternoon at one of our favorite parks. Sophia has been going to this park since we moved to Paris, and it is amazing to see her confidence grow with every year.

This day, she had the spinner all to herself... (usually you have to be cautious of children & their various body parts flying everywhere within a 2 foot radius).

Paris - last month 001
Video sent by moyamz

Future Salzburgers at the Lucky Lab

We spent a great Saturday afternoon lunch at the Lucky Lab in Portland on our way back from San Francisco. Thanks to all of the Salzburgers that could make it, and we missed the rest of you. As it was I think there were 11 kids there ~ amazing how much noise they can all make!
We sat outside with the dogs, and watched the kiddies run, as the guys kept them from running out into the parking lot.
As we drove back to Seattle, Sophia kept talking about her "new best friends." Brings a tear to my beer...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

San Francisco Zoo

Nouna & Didi protecting Sophia on the steam train!
Climbing the bear - no fear!
Pulling Didi in the wagon.
Daddy & Sophia on Gloria the Hippo
And finally, we find a carousel in the US. Sophia was in HEAVEN!

Play time at the Lake

Peaking out thru the castle window.
Getting ready to jump in the water off Papa's Boat.
Sean testing out the water.

Swimming with Mommy. Sophia actually jumped off the end of the boat & climbed down the ladder multiple times. The grandchildren of our neighbors were having a blast in the water & Sophia decided it looked like fun!

Hugs for Sean...