Saturday, July 11, 2009

Little Swimmers

As soon as we got to the lake we didn’t even bother to unpack the car, we just found the bathing suits (or swim diapers) and jumped, being joined by Sean & Papa in short order.

lake 1 (3) lake 1 (2) lake 1 (16) lake 1 (14)

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Escape to the lake

We needed to pick up a couple things from the lake for the weekend, so we spent a couple hours in the water & imagining what summer & sun look like after weeks of torrential downpour in Munich.  All in all, very promising…IMG_0023IMG_0024IMG_0027 IMG_0032IMG_0041  IMG_0033


I find it amazing that we have lived in apartments for almost 4-1/2 years now.  I don’t really miss the yard work, but every once in a while, I can understand the need to have a yard again.  Where we could just open the door, and play happens – provided it isn’t really raining.  IMG_0044 IMG_0046

Tonight was one of those nights.  Alexandra is still trying to figure out the walking issues, but she had a great time on the stairs, and Sophia loved watering for Nana.  It is another beautiful day in Seattle…  How did we get so very lucky?

IMG_0047 IMG_0055 IMG_0059

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Ms at the Mariners

Mom was so fantastic & purchased Mariners tickets for us to come home to on Wednesday.  The girls loved the game, its always so entertaining & such a great show.  There doesn’t seem to be a bad seat in the house, we often change our tickets around the stadium, and today we were right behind home plate, albeit on the 300 level…  4 seats, 4 drinks, 4 dogs  – best entertainment for the family!

IMG_0016 IMG_0018


We had to leave in the 8th inning, so we didn’t see the team blow up at the end, but while they were ahead it was perfect!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Dancing in Seattle

There are always some special gifts from Nana & Papa when we arrive, and this year was no exception.  IMG_0007 Given Sophia’s fun experience in Ballet class, both the girls were given ballet costumes to play in.  IMG_0002

Sophia wore hers all day, including to pick up Sean from his baseball practice.  (unfortunately we only have the memories & stories of her fetching foul balls around the field in her tutu)IMG_0004

Alexandra just loved having something similar to Sophia, and never wanted her skirt off either.IMG_0003

Just a lazy afternoon recovering from jet lag, with a bit of a smile…