Thursday, March 05, 2009

Schloss Schleissheim with Nana

It was a beautiful day when we returned from the mountains, and we took Nana out to the castle where Sophia has been doing most of her skating this year. Unfortunately, it has been rather warm the last few days, and the canals are pretty slushy, so no skating, but the sunshine was actually warm, and it gave us a hint of what spring is going to be like!!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sophia's ski lessons

We had such a great ski week, and we were so proud of Sophia - she went to ski school every day (Troy & I only went for 3 days and then we skied together the rest of the week). She even got a medal for her 4th place in the ski race at the end of the week.

We were a little concerned about how she was going to take to skiing... Sophia has such an amazingly strong personality, but likes to do things perfectly on the first go round. It is often frustrating for her, and for her parents, when she actually has to take the time to learn... Troy & I were a little frustrated with her ski school during the week. We felt they didn't have enough teachers for the kids that were ready to move on, but it worked out well for Sophia. She was able to really perfect her time on the magic carpet, and after the races on Friday she was more than willing to go on the rope tow, and then the big mountain with her parents. Nana & Alexandra were watching, and cheering her on, from down below!

We were also very fortunate that she had some friends from school in her ski class, so she was very comfortable with going to ski lessons.

The awars ceremony was very impressive, they even had a medal stand for the top 3!!

Sophia's 5th birthday!!

I cannot believe our little girl is 5! She was so excited to celebrate her special day, and she actually had 2 celebrations, one at school the day before vacation & another on her birthday in the mountains!

The amazing thing about Sophia's birthday, is that it usually falls somewhere around the feast before the fasting, and this year was perfect.

At school the kids were encouraged to wear "fancy dress" (costumes for the US folks), and we had her birthday celebration in the morning with all the kids dressed up. Nana & Alexandra were with us, and we all sang to her (without her getting embarrassed at all!!), and then Sophia walked Nana all around the classroom during recess... She was so proud to show off her work!

Fasching ski week in Austria

Sophia's school had winter/half term/fasching break this past week & we took advantage of it to introduce her to skiing for the first time.
She LOVED it, and now wants to ammend her career prospects for the future to include Olympic Skier!

Sophia ski week! from Moya Z on Vimeo.