Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Z's at Giverny, Monet's Garden and House. Monet lived almost exclusively at Giverny for the last 30 years of his life and had created the most amazing garden. Although it has been far too cold this year for us to experience the colors of the garden today, we were able to sense the quiet that was there. We were essentially alone in the garden, there were at most 20 other people there - no tour groups - and it was so quiet there. Even Sophia noticed the birds and the light, she kept making her "tweet tweet" sound and saying "It's Bright!" Amazingly peaceful, and we caught the garden in between rain showers so everything looked clean & sunny against the dark clouds building in the background.

Sophia & the creek that feeds the lake for Monet's garden.

Sophia with Monet's house behind her at the end of the walk. During the spring & summer the beds on either side of the path are filled with amazing colors, and the flowers climb over the arches that fill the structured part of the garden.

Sophia & Troy with Monet's Studio (the building on the left of the photo with the roof of skylights). The studio is now the "shop" of the site, but the light is so amazing when you walk in. The glass is frosted so you have the feeling of light, even as you do not have the direct sunlight.

Moya & Sophia on the Japanese bridge looking back towards the end of the lake and the Weeping Willows along the path.

Sophia & the Japanese Bridge.

Sophia & the first of the spring blooms in France. It has been so cold until about 2 weeks ago that we are just now getting the cherry blossoms on the trees and the daffodils in the gardens & parks near our house.

Sophia & Troy looking back towards the Weeping Willow & Japanese Bridge.

The Japanese Bridge at Giverny, Monet's Garden and House.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Troy had business in London on Monday so we decided to take the Eurostar up on Saturday & spend the next couple of days playing around town. Sophia had a great time on the train (although she kept thinking we were going to see Nana), and this was her first ride in a London Taxi. I went to Museums & Shopped while Troy & Sophia napped, and we walked as much as we could thru the parks when it wasn't raining.

Sophia on the London Eye with the Millennium Bridge behind her. Originally the Wheel was given 5 year lease with the city of London, but that has been extended for another 25 years. Gives you until 2030 to take a ride. It was fun, but with the way that London has developed the best part is seeing the Houses of Parliment from the air. The rest of the city was just there.

Sophia playing on the London Eye.

Sophia & Troy on the London Eye.

Big Ben & Houses of Parliment with Westminster Abbey in the background.

Sophia in the Capsule on the London Eye.

On the British Airways London Eye. The ride takes 30 min. Sophia kept calling it the Rocket Ship. She didn't want to get on it when she was looking at it from the bottom, but once we were on she had a great time...

Sophia on the swings - she spotted them from the air as we were on the London Eye.

Sophia flying on the swings under the London Eye.

Sophia & Big Ben

Sophia & Moya in front of Buckingham Palace.

Walking thru Green Park.

Hanging out at the Punch & Judy Pub in Covent Garden.

Easter Window at Fortnum & Mason.

Easter Window at Fortnum & Mason