Saturday, December 05, 2009

Decorating the tree

Sophia picked out a wonderful Christmas tree tonight, and we have been working hard on decorations.  Unfortunately, there were two unexpected problems; Alexandra freaked out as Troy carried the wrapped tree in from the car & had to be put to bed immediately, and we only have one string of lights, and a couple sleeves of ornaments, so this will be a continuing project this week. 

But Sophia had a great time getting things started, and it only fell over twice before we got it settled down into the stand.

decorating the tree... decorating the tree... decorating the tree...

Chinese Tower Market

A few views of the Market stalls. 

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Another Schloss, then to the markets!!

We set out for another castle in the Munich area today – Schloss Furstenreid.

Schoss Furstenreid However this is as close as we could get to it.  (and a side reminder to look up opening hours before taking a drive in Saturday traffic with Children)  The schloss is currently a private retreat center for the Archbishop of Munich, so no entrance for us noise makers.

So we drove over to the Christmas market at the Chinese tower in English Garden for a bit and found the bishop himself,St Nicolaus Actually it is the feast of St Nicolaus on Dec 6th, and in Germany the children place their cleaned shoes or boots outside their door and he brings them sweets, and an orange, inside.  It’s a fun way of getting the festivities started, and I like the fact that the girls see an alternative, more religious side to Santa Claus.  This Saint was walking around in his full bishop regalia, and even shared his staff -very impressive!St Nicolaus

Of course our girls were more impressed with the Playmobil Play hut – and it was a great place to warm up for a bit.  Not that cold here yet, but really damp.Dec 2009 249 Dec 2009 254 Dec 2009 251   And no visit to the tower would be complete without a ride on the carousel!

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