Friday, February 29, 2008

More Salzburg

Sophia wearing Nana's reading glasses.
Moya & Lynn standing in front of the Gazebo at Schloss Hellbrun.
Sophia in the church at Mondsee, used for the wedding of Maria & the Captain in the movie.
The newly cleaned ceiling of the church of St Michael.
Sophia & her (very well used) camera!For all the Salzburgers, this was our bus on the tour today! I was having a total flashback...

Sophia on the Musical Tiles

Sophia on the Musical Tiles
Video sent by moyamz

Jumping out music next to the gardens at Schloss Mirabell

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sophia & Nana in Salzburg

Day one of our Salzburg adventures!

UP Salzburg Center

Balconies of some of the dorm rooms (the kids were on spring tour in Italy & Greece)

I thought all of the Salzburgers would like to see what the new center looks like. AMAZING... Huge kitchen, eating area, a built in bar (VERY important for all of those Stiegl parties), living space, foosball table (dangerous), a library with computers, and huge classroom with desks & chairs for everyone.

Sophia is 4!

Sophia being helped by Sita (one of her favorite teachers) to pass out her birthday cupcakes at school. She did a great job, and then passed around the leftover gummy bears "one for you, one for me" to the kids at her preschool.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Flower Girl

We spent the day in the new-found warm sun. That is until it set and we froze again. Sophia had no problem hamming it up a bit.