Saturday, June 21, 2008

Better Beater Batter Face

Sophia & I made brownies from a Duncan Hines mix I found at the store down the street. It was in their American Foods section. Interesting mix of food offerings: mayo, Paul Newman Salad dressings, Arm & Hammer Baking Soda (which was impossible to find in France), Cheese Whiz, Reeces Peanut Butter Cups (1.50 euro for 2), Vanilla Frosting, Brownie & Cake mixes, and Marshmallow Fluff Creme. Everything properly overpriced of course.

I don't think I've ever eaten Fluff & Stuff in my entire life. But the brownies were good, the batter was even better...

Following the pure chocolate infusion, Sophia found her giant easter egg, and when she found it to be empty she thought it might make nice earmuffs.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Z update

Family life is always a bit crazy, no?

Alexandra is now 7-1/2 weeks old and had a fabulous drs appt today. Passed her reaction & hearing tests with flying colors. No concern about her feet anymore (they were a bit turned in & up from her squished time against my rib cage), and she is growing like a weed. 5170 grams (11 lbs 6 oz) and 59cm (23-1/4"). It is amazing how much her cheeks are filling out, not to mention her thighs. She is also really starting to react to us; following our voices around the room, smiling when Sophia comes into view, not liking being left alone, and so much more. We are already into 3-6 month clothing (although I think some of that may be the washer & dryer shrinking things so much more in Europe than they do in the US), and the 4 hours in a row at night has been a godsend given the schedules of the rest of the family. She is a joy...

Sophia is taking her roll as big sister very seriously, and is beginning to "mother" everyone in the family, even me. Or rather, especially me, "Mommy, don't do it that way, if you do it like that I don't like it." and more & more. It is a fine line between laughing from entertainment and laughing from exhaustion, and banging my head on the nearest door frame... As long as we keep laughing I think we will be ok.

Troy & I are trying to get as much sleep as possible, difficult given the marathon dinners we are having to talk & plan out the next month & his obsession with HEROS. It is unbelievable how quickly every day passes...Sophia & Troy trying out the Bjorns on their respective babies... Successful all around.
Playtime at the park. Just enough sun to warrant the sun hat!

Weekend in the Fountain

The museum directly in front of our apartment has put in a fountain on the corner for the remainder of the summer. It is a bit of a trick fountain, there are sensors on the ground which allow a portion of the water wall to stop, and you can run (or stroll) into the center before the wall begins again.
Sophia & Troy had a blast trying to create patterns in the water movements. After getting wet in the morning, I enjoyed the view from the dry land, and the entertainment of watching other people try to figure out the movements of the fountain. Most people thought it was completely random, and were a bit scared of running into the center. Once there, they weren't sure how to get out.
Sophia didn't want to leave...

Fountain Play from Moya Z on Vimeo.