Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt

This morning we went to an Easter Egg Hunt in the gardens of the Musee de la Mode. Although we had to share the gardens with a Japanese film crew making an ad, the kids were able to take over one side of the park & went crazy looking for eggs & treats.
It has been a really interesting holiday year with Sophia, and great fun. She has really understood the joys of the holidays this year, starting with Christmas. She was perfectly satistied opening 3 or 4 presents & then playing with all of the new toys! It took days to get through everything! (only child!) Her birthday was the same, and it looks like Easter is going to be a blast. After needing some encouragement to break the sacred rules of the Paris parks (no walking on the grass and no playing in the bushes), Sophia went crazy looking for eggs. She very proudly carried her Dora sand pail, and tagged after Troy as he was slipping eggs & chicks into all kinds of creative places. She was able to stand her ground & beat out quite a few of the older boys to the eggs that were placed in her path. It was hard talking her into taking a break. She really enjoyed the hunt...
A big thanks to Message, the english speaking moms group in Paris that sponsored & organized the hunt today.
Getting a lift from Dad.

Is it a race? Can I beat her?
I found another one!
What is inside the chocolate? More chocolate of course...


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sophia after school

On Tuesdays and Thursdays Sophia attends an Halte Garderie at St Honore d'Eylau. Each afternoon she runs down the driveway and out into the courtyard in front of the church where she is fascinated by the metal (removable) blocks the church locks into place when they do not want people to park in that area. To be honest the only time I've ever seen them down is during weddings and funerals. But everyday Sophia has to test it out.

When they are down, the world as she knows it just doesn't make sense. She talks about it all day long, all night long, until we return to school, and the barricades are back up, and the world is right again.

I don't know if she likes the noise that they make, or the fact that she can shake & rock them, and they won't fall down, but it's the same - everyday.

Sophia running after school
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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sophia & Ava fishing

On Wednesday mornings, Sophia & her buddy Ava have an art class together, and then usually get a good run in the Park across the street before going home for lunch & naps. Today the girls decided to fish in the stream running thru the park, and proceeded to catch a number of cartoon characters on their rods.

Sophia fishing with Lou
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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sophia climbing trees

On a walk at park Monceau, Sophia (in full church dress that she refused to change out of) decided to try her hand at climbing trees. The trees have been climbed by so many generations of kids that they no longer have bark on the limbs. She had a great time calling herself a koala, and then she got stuck...

Sophia climbing trees
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