Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alexandra is off to school too!

We were able to get Alexandra into a nursery school this year, and I am so excited, for her & for me!  One of the hardest things about living abroad, and not really having set days with a Nanny or babysitter, is being able to plan a lunch, or attend an exercise class, or get to the dr when you are sick, or take a nap when you are sick, or just take a nap.  Anyway, the class will give her some social time, and then she & I can still have some time together, and then we go pick up Sophia. 


She was a little apprehensive the first day, but each day has been getting better, and today she was able to last the morning, and have lunch – very exciting!IMG_7226

She doesn’t have to have a backpack yet, but boy did she want one.

And yes, she really has her hair in a whale spout.  That’s the only style that she will leave in!