Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alexandra at 11 months

The smile is back!!

Attemps by Sophia to carry Alexandra have been met with failure so far... Excitement on both sides usually ends up with one being dropped and the other being dropped on... Tears & crying abounds.

I'm just realizing that I missed the 10 month post. But let me say, we were skiing in Austria, Alexandra had the stomach flu, and had a fabulous time playing with Nana.

We finally feel like life is back again in the 11th month. This past month has seen the introduction of 6 new teeth, so we are now up to 7, of the 8 needed for the first go round. Hopefully we will have a bit of a pause, becuase Alexandra's wonderful personality it back & we are so thrilled to have our joyful girl back.

Plus, the time change has been wonderful for her. She is now in the transition to one nap a day, and I think it is going to be a really long nap, so she is sleeping in a bit more (the 6am mornings are really hard on Mommy!). Today both girls slept until 8, and I was in heaven!!!

Alexandra has also experienced her first ice cream cone, and that was heaven for her. We have been trying to figure out things to give her to help sooth her teeth. Cold apple slices have been a favorite, but vanilla ice cream is definately a hit! She has also figured out how to use her teeth to bite off pieces, and now that most of the teeth have poked thru she isn't crying after taking bites of everything.

I think I may spend a little too much time on the phone, because whenever it rings she immediately puts her hand to her ear, Nana had her talking on the party line with Sophia last month, and everything that folds turns into a telephone!

And Alexandra is becoming quite the monkey. She is able to pull herself up on a number of chairs, and loves to scare me by climing on tables and trying to stand up! So fun to see her personality come out & yet we know we are in for some trouble.

She is refusing to do the baby sign language. She knows the signs when we do them to her, but so far just points & yells to get her point across. Luckily, she knows what she wants & is satisfied when she gets it! But it is too funny, she won't even make eye contact when we are signing to her, and is just desperate to be able to talk!