Friday, May 11, 2007

Kite Surfing in Cannes...

Driving down the coast from Antibes, we started into Cannes (where there was some set up going on for the film festival), and saw these amazing athletes kite (or para) surfing just off the beach.
Sophia was enthralled, and even more so after Papa took her out of the car to experience the wind & the sea first hand. She loved watching all of the surfers, and giggled like crazy when they jumped & fell in the water.
All we could do was imagine Brehan hopping out of the car, putting on a dry suit, and surfing with the best of them.

Market Day in Antibes

The piles of spices in the food stalls and shopping baskets hanging from the walls.
Nana & Sophia picking out fresh strawberries! (Great for the champagne later)
Provencial aromatic Soaps, lavender is a favorite.
Play time with Papa on the trampoline in the park after lunch.
We spent a great morning at the Markets in Antibes. We were a little late, so we only had a few minutes in the clothing stalls (like anything fits americans anyway), and walked thru the old town to the enclosed food market. The smells of spices, stinky cheeses, flowers, fruits & vegetables is amazing, and probably overwhelming when it is 90, however we hit it on a cold & rainy day in the south of France so we were just able to smell with pleasure & not be assulted by them.
Lunch was from one of the better bakeries we found, and eaten at the play park where Sophia was finally able to work off some of her energy. It's amazing how much energy a 3 year old has.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Gardens of Villa Rothschild

Looking back at Villefranche.
Roses along the entrance to the formal garden.

Sophia & Nana in the Love Temple
Papa, Nana & Sophia at the temple with the formal gardens & villa behind them.
Sophia running free in the gardens.

Villa Rothschild

Papa, Sophia & Nana at the entrance to the Villa.

The entrance hall.
Nana & Sophia on the staircase.

The view from the gardens of the villa looking down at Cap Ferrat.

The garden side of the Villa.

We spent the afternoon wandering thru the Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild on Cap Ferrat. We had a break in the weather which allowed us to wander thru the rooms, and then out into the HUGE perfectly maintained gardens. Amazing... The sun would wash over everything, and then the rain would come again.
Sophia was torn between enjoying the freedom out of the car (we did a lot of driving this week), and being jealous of the villas below us that had a pool AND a trampoline (Trampolines are very important to a 3 year old.)