Friday, August 21, 2009

A last long look

Just some of the fun memories that didn’t get posted yet…

IMG_7074 IMG_7102 IMG_7106 At the Lake 048 At the Lake 079 At the Lake 209 At the Lake 021 At the Lake 073 At the Lake 023 lake 828 lake 1045 lake 988 lake 1 (158) lake 584 lake 029 lake 233 lake 539

Very sporty

Lots of activity, lots of play, & lots of sports at the lake.  The smash ball didn’t last long, and neither did the racquet balls that we bought to play with paddles (they were all eaten by the ivy), but baseball & golf turned out to be quite fun for everyone – and we even managed to get Sophia her first clubs while we were in San Francisco!  So exciting (for me at least!)

At the Lake 221 At the Lake 223 At the Lake 224 At the Lake 065 At the Lake 072

With Brehan around there was a lot of catch, and even some baseball played but large amounts of people.  Lots of lost balls this year!

 At the Lake 182At the Lake 195 At the Lake 188 At the Lake 162 lake 592

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our family!

Just a few photos of all of us together during the summer!!  Brehan has been gone the past few summers, but he & Caro were with us for a few weeks, and since Christmas is always so busy we thought we would take advantage of a few lazy evenings & take some photos with the lake light!

At the Lake 299 At the Lake 300 At the Lake 307 At the Lake 147 At the Lake 266 At the Lake 105 At the Lake 283

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The last days

You would think that leaving after 6 weeks would be an easy thing, but after the summer we have had I’m afraid there is going to be lots of tears at the airport.  Troy has been back at work this week, & mom & dad are at the ring, so we decided to take Wednesday afternoon & make it our big goodbye.  (Troy’s wonderful idea!).  Troy & dad left work really early, and we all hung out in the water & had a great day of play, before the days of packing commence…

At the Lake 255 At the Lake 261 At the Lake 273 IMG_7056  IMG_7042 IMG_7043 lake 685IMG_7060  lake 1027 lake 1 (26) IMG_7111

Thanks again everyone for making our time in Seattle so special!

Breakfast with 3 Five year olds, and a couple of little ones…

We finally were able to get Sophia, MacKenzie and Liam together for a play morning.  It is amazing to see them all together over the years. 

2005…Brunch102006Summer USA 06 161 2008lake 060 2009IMG_7023 IMG_6999IMG_6995 And they are still having fun!

And, there are the 2 new little ones, Alexandra & Ava

IMG_7021 Alexandra is just obsessed with belly buttons right now.