Saturday, April 24, 2010

Umbria, for a week

Today we started our week vacation in Italy, partly to celebrate Alexandra’s birthday, partly to get to an area of Europe we’d not been before, and to have some fun with Nana & Papa.  But that darn volcano messed everything up.  Cancelled flights, another week of uncertainty, and finally we are on our way. 

However, we didn’t count on awful weather from Munich to follow us South!!  We arrived at our beautiful estate to clouds & cold, but it finally stopped raining & the girls could run crazy outside…2010-04-24 2010-04-24 001 006 2010-04-24 2010-04-24 001 001 We split the drive up into 2 days, left Munich last night after school & spent the night in Bolzano – apparently a very German, Northern Italy town – but we didn’t actually see any of the town because we just wanted to get as south as possible…

2010-04-24 2010-04-24 001 014 The girls went crazy when they saw the lawn, the pool, playhouse & swing, and even with the clouds there was a bit of sunshine for a while!!

Tomorrow it is supposed to be much warmer…

Alexandra – a 2 year look back.

My how our girl has changed…Alexandra Birth (27) Alexandra Birth (174)

9 2008 (21)

9 2008 (14)

Nov 2008 (66)

Crawling for the first time!!

April 09 219 (2)

2009-6 cro (89)

2009-6 cro (145)


Oct 2009 129

Dec 2009 (152)

Jan 2010 615

Feb 2010 (8)

Feb 2010 (34)

2010-04-04 2010-04-04 001 033 2010-04-26 2010-04-26 004 021 Thank you for all of the joy you have brought to our lives!!

Happy Birthday my love…

Friday, April 23, 2010

Character day at school

Sophia’s school sponsored a “dress as your favorite book character” day at school right before we left for Italy.  After rejecting another dress as a princess day, and upon going thru her wardrobe for ideas, she decided on Madeline.2010-04-23 2010-04-23 001 001 This is her Madeline smile… 

She looked beautiful, and brought all of her books to school to share with her kids. Then she ended the day swinging from the monkey bars, getting her dress all dusty.  Oh well, in the spirit of Madeline I guess…

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1-on-1 Time With Lexa

Alexandra and I spent a bit of time this weekend together.  I’m constantly amazed at how often she wants to be a part of whatever you have going on that day.  I suspect she has figured out that she is meant to be the smiling force in our day, because she is so good at that job.  First she tested her talent as a princess, then she made faces at the camera, finally tried to take few pictures herself (even if the camera was upside-down), and finished off the day as a beautiful sun flower on our terrace.