Monday, July 07, 2008


Bubble entertainment after lunch - the Italians loved our little blondes...
Alexandra asleep during lunch. If anyone is wondering about travel with an infant, I would HIGHLY recommend going to Italy. We had first class service all the time.
A short walk on the waterfront. Sorry, not George Clooney's Villa!
Amazing Villas all over the lake, but this one isn't George's either.

Views from the Terrace

We spent an amazing amount of time on the terrace of our apartment just watching time (& boats & airplanes & helicopters) go by. Sophia seemed as interested as we were, and Alexandra just liked the light.

Sophia was a little frustrated because there were no chairs just her size, so we found a very large pot, and she adopted that as her seat for the rest of the week. It fit very well next to the coffee table for drawing, and she could drag it around by either of its handles. Luckily the family below us was gone most of the day (and their 12 year old girls loved playing with Sophia in the pool) so they didn't hear the scraping sounds...

A growing girl

Alexandra playing on the floor at Lake Como, lots of tummy time while she was awake! It is really hard to keep a 2 month old awake when it is 90-95 with humidity!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Little Fish, little fish...

Come and swim with me!

Sophia had a great time in the pool at our apartment in Lake Como. She loves being in the water & was pretty exhausted at the end of every day - she often would take a nap too, YEA! We were all able to get some great time in the water, except for Alexandra, who started crying when we put her feet in the first time, and never went in after that. Swimsuit & goggles - ready to go!
Water wings are used as a "learn to swim" tool here in Europe, and Sophia LOVES swimming with them. She did try to swim a couple of times without them, and promptly sunk into the water, no matter how fast her feet were going. Now we just have to get her arms moving & she might do pretty well!

Alexandra, happy on dry land!