Saturday, December 12, 2009

Snow in the Park

Following lunch we wandered back to the other side of the river & headed for the train station, but not without some play time at the park next to Mirabell Gardens

Dec 2009 (209) Dec 2009 (213) Dec 2009 (219) Dec 2009 (226) And then back to the train with 6 minutes to spare (otherwise it was another hour wait) and home. 

Dec 2009 (229) Where even the Hauptbahnhof looks festive for the season.

Salzburg Markets

Crazy busy.  That’s the only thing I can think of when I think of today.  There were people everywhere!!  The vendors were not the nicest (if you don’t want it touched don’t put it at a child’s eye level!!), and the average age of the shoppers was easily into the 60s if not 70s so things moved a little slower than we normally do.  Dec 2009 (189) Dec 2009 (187) Dec 2009 (191) Dec 2009 (186)

We did buy a couple of Nutcrackers for the girls, and some ornaments, but then it was lunchtime, and we really needed food & a Stiegl (beer) so we headed up the hill to the Stiegl Keller & the view of Salzburg.

Dec 2009 (202)

Dec 2009 (198)

Dec 2009 (206)

Christmas trip to Salzburg

We took the train to Salzburg today, along with thousands of other people, and checked out the Christmas markets that line the area around the Cathedral.  We thought the train would be better than driving because the autobahn between Munich & Salzburg often gets jammed with traffic (stau) and we were thinking it would be more relaxing.  However nice it was, it was also a little stressful dealing with strict punctuality with 2 children. 

Dec 2009 (162) Dec 2009 (165) Dec 2009 (169) Dec 2009 (171) The train was packed, and people were so desperate for seats that one woman even asked if she could sit with us four in the FOUR seats that we had, and when I told her there was no seat available she questioned me?!  Like anyone would want to sit with energetic children for a 2 hour 20 min train ride if they didn’t have to?  Plus I just didn’t want to be told by a stranger to keep my children still when she chose to sit with us.  Anyway, she left…

But Salzburg was beautiful.

Dec 2009 (182)Dec 2009 (183)

Dec 2009 (200)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Evening of Entertainment

Sophia & I went to the lower school musical yesterday at her school, the Tempest, with a cast of thousands, and so she was home a bit earlier than usual with lots of ideas about Theaters.  So she spent a good 30 min setting up the audience for her puppet show, and then put on a 5 min performance for us.  The idea of having a story line isn’t really important to her right now, she just likes the “surprise” of the puppets.

Dec 2009 019 Sophia finishing up the audience, and Alexandra having a go in the spinning chair.  Dec 2009 020 Troy & Alexandra are thoroughly entertained!Dec 2009 023 Dec 2009 025

Preparations for Christmas

We’ve been trying to keep the Christmas spirit going in the evenings with lots of different activities & craft projects (I’m trying to get more creative!!). 

Of course Alexandra cried thru her St Nicolaus Party at school…

Dec 2009 014 She saw me & wouldn’t go anywhere near the rest of her class.  Halo & all…Dec 2009 013

But the room looked great, and one family from the school owns the Indian restaurant down the street so they brought lots of yummy food – Alexandra ate it all!

Sophia has done her Gingerbread house for the table,Dec 2009 118 Dec 2009 128 Sophia painted Salt Dough Ornaments, and we discovered that water colors – although safe for our kitchen, are not good when trying to keep the dough ornaments dry…Nov 2009 162 and the painting turned into finger painting, and then a colorful bath.Nov 2009 166 Alexandra & I got in on the fun as well.Nov 2009 153 But the paint brushes were too difficult, hands worked much better.Nov 2009 164

Sunday, December 06, 2009

St Nicolaus Day

Sophia made sure that she & Alexandra both had their boots out (boots rather than shoes because they could hold more sweets) when she went to bed last night.  And there was joy to share before breakfast this morning when the chocolate left by St Nicolaus was discovered.

St Nicolaus Day - Boots with Chocolate!! St Nicolaus Day - Boots with Chocolate!! St Nicolaus Day - Boots with Chocolate!! St Nicolaus Day - Boots with Chocolate!! Sophia was a little confused about the name of the saint, she kept calling it “St Martin’s Day” and why the boots weren’t under the tree!