Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas trip to Salzburg

We took the train to Salzburg today, along with thousands of other people, and checked out the Christmas markets that line the area around the Cathedral.  We thought the train would be better than driving because the autobahn between Munich & Salzburg often gets jammed with traffic (stau) and we were thinking it would be more relaxing.  However nice it was, it was also a little stressful dealing with strict punctuality with 2 children. 

Dec 2009 (162) Dec 2009 (165) Dec 2009 (169) Dec 2009 (171) The train was packed, and people were so desperate for seats that one woman even asked if she could sit with us four in the FOUR seats that we had, and when I told her there was no seat available she questioned me?!  Like anyone would want to sit with energetic children for a 2 hour 20 min train ride if they didn’t have to?  Plus I just didn’t want to be told by a stranger to keep my children still when she chose to sit with us.  Anyway, she left…

But Salzburg was beautiful.

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