Saturday, June 23, 2007

School Fete

For the second year in a row, our Sophia got a little shy during the school fete. Some of it was the timing, drop her off at 9, pick her up at 12 for lunch, drop her off again at 2, then we arrived at 3:30 for the little performance. Last year, Sophia took one look at us, and came running. When I walked her back to where the kids were, she sat on the teacher's lap & refused to sing.
Things weren't much different this year, except that I sat down with Sophia, thinking it would make her more comfortable. But it didn't. A little strange to have a child with stage fright.
Nataly (Sophia's favorite teacher)
Hiding with Koukala.

All the kids with their bug hats.

At last, playtime!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mornings in the sun

Its been so sunny here in the mornings, before the thunderstorms in the afternoon start rolling in, that Sophia asked for her sunglasses to play with her dollhouse. It was just a little too bright for morning eyes.

Afternoon at Pk St Cloud

Jardin d'Acclimatation, again...

Troy teaching Sophia to play his favorite amusement park game...
I think Sophia just scored!
Ice cream for her win...
Going on a ride by herself for the first time. She ran right up to the Indian Canoe ride & almost jumped into the boat. They even had little oars for the kids.
Fishing for ducks.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

View from Sacre Coeur

Friday night Troy & I buzzed up to Montmatre in the early evening to climb the Dome of Sacre Coeur, something I've wanted to do since we moved here (Troy had already been up on a previous visit to Paris.

We were fortunate with a break in the Thunderstorms we have been having, and raced up the stairs (during the service ~ we could hear the choir & smell incense as we were spinning upwards).

After our time was up, we headed to the local irish bar, with a great view of the back of the church, and watched as another storm took over the streets, and then sent us a rainbow (my first in Paris) over the top of the basilica.

Sophia & Constance at play

Sophia & Constance get the giggles...
And making all of us laugh.
Goodnight kisses.

Our friends Kate & Marc brought their daughter Constance over to play with Sophia last night before we put the girls to bed & had an adult dinner together.

Sophia had a great time picking out special toys for Constance to play with (the barn and castle were the first to come out), and putting away all of her "big girl" toys, and then was insisting that we put the portable crib up in her room so that she & Constance could go to bed together (we didn't). It was fun to see her play the big girl, and try to play with Constance. Of course it was also fun to watch Constance do what ever she wanted...