Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sophia's Grace.

Sophia and Troy went skating again this week, and Sophia – with the help of her friend the penguin – was a skating natural. Once she found out that she could stand up on her own, she just wanted to do more and more. She started going around in circles, marching on the ice, and even pushing the penguin out in front of her and skating over to it. The look on her face was amazing. She was so proud of herself, and so were we. She was a little thrown off when she was skating with a penguin that had fallen over too many times and had no nose. I told her that it was a hockey penguin and had broken his nose in a game. Next up she says she wants to skate with her friend Jackson.

Thrilla in the Villa

Just around the corner of our apartment is Lenbachhaus, a Florentine villa built for artist Franz von Lenbach. It now hosts art showings from around the world, and is part of the artist quarter of Munich, with the Glyptotek, the pinakotek, and other well known museums. Also in the photos above is a trip to Konigsplatz, which is on the same intersection.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Kindergarden Fasching Party

The end of the school party, with pizza for all for lunch... Sophia had a great time, and even ate some of the jelly filled donuts (aka Berliners, which are now called Americans due to JFKs speech). It was, I'm sure, a sugar filled morning...

Mad Munich

The Fasching Street Party aka Mad Munich.

Although no where near as big as other Carnivale parties, Munich really impressed us with its "Fasching" celebrations this year. Last weekend there was a parade down the street from our flat that kicked off the parties & they have continued for 10 days, ending tonight. Most businesses & offices were closed by 2pm today for one last sinful day before Lent, and everyone was out in the street ready to party.
Sophia's school had a party this morning (capped off by the fire alarm being pulled at noon in order to get the last stragglers out of the building), and then we headed downtown to people watch. Lots & lots of people in very interesting outfits (most of which were variations on the Priest/monk/nun/doctor adult themes) and then some clean family fun thrown in amoung the beer & wine stands. The whole of the pedestrian zone was the beer garden, music & noise from everywhere, and kids throwing tons of confetti & streamers. Sophia had a blast - in her Snow White costume she fit right in - and loved chasing her streamers.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ice Skating on a Sunday

Troy & Sophia spent the evening at the outdoor ice rink at Prinzeregenten Strasse (during the summer they have an outdoor pool there!). Sophia wore her snow pants, and Troy taught her how to fall, and then she pushed around a tri-pod penguin for balance as she experienced skating on her own for the first time. She was so excited, and very proud of herself. We were very proud of her for trying something new (sometimes she is a bit of a perfectionist & won't try new things easily ~ I wonder where she gets that from?)

Now I wonder if she will go to the classes on Monday evenings? Stay tuned...