Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fathers Day

Father's Day in Germany, the Pentecost Thursday, is usually a day celebrated only with the fathers, and their sons sometimes, riding their bikes into the forest & enjoying healthy amounts of beer. Our friends, dominated by cross-cultural families, thought that a day off work & school would be better spent with children playing in a playground, and everyone else (moms included) enjoying the beer, at a local beer garden.
So we biked to the Hirschau garden, and then met up with lots of other families from Sophia's school (which meant the kids all had friends to play with in the great playground). We borrowed a friend's stroller for Alexandra to take a nap (one of the drawbacks of having a bike seat & not a riding trailer - thank you Elizabeth for the stroller!) and spent most of the day hanging out & having a good time!
On a side note: I've decided that if we are at a beer garden for the day I'm going to start buying beers by the 1/2 liter. We just don't drink beer very fast ( or very much of it) and by the time you get to the second half of the beer on a hot day, the beer is warm - and we all know what warm beer tastes like...