Sunday, May 24, 2009

Alexandra at 13 months

As Alexandra’s world is expanding, and getting taller now that she is on her feet more, it seems like her development is on fast forward.  In the past month she has started really signing to us (more, please, milk, eat, and birds are the 5 favorites) and she really wants to do things just like her big sister, including eating off the same type of plate and being able to drink her bottle all by herself (which is so great in the car now!)IMG_0161IMG_0166

We put a table & chairs in her room, and she loves to sit there & read, or “put together” a puzzle.IMG_0142

We also have a red set in the kitchen next to the balcony doors where Alexandra can sit and look out on the trees, birds, get some sunshine thru the windows, and basically keep herself entertained while I make dinner or clear out the dishwasher.IMG_0146

The drool is back, which makes me think that we are in for some rough teething ahead.