Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sophia & Troy at the Park on Easter Sunday.

Easter at the American Cathedral, Paris.

Easter at the American Cathedral, Paris.

Easter Morning - Playing with Blocks before naptime...

Running & Laughing...




Jumping, and

Getting caught by Moya as Sophia runs in circles around the playground.

Hanging out of the train.

Attempting to figure out centrifugal force.

Running round & round

Easter Sunday at the park. There are very few children in Paris right now as all schools are on vacation the week before & after Easter. Plus tomorrow is a holiday for Easter Monday, most of our apartment building is empty.

Playtime on the train.

Distracted by the birds at the park.

Wanna play?

Easter smiles - I think the chocolate has hit.

Bowling in the hallway.

Easter - Bowling in the hall with Troy. Did we mention that the neighbors below us moved out last week?

Easter Morning - Sophia attempting to open the toys in her basket while not letting go of the chocolate egg. The egg was gone in less than 5 min.