Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fun with hats

I've been going thru more & more of the boxes in our cave (keller/storage room in the basement), and finding things that were Sophia's when we moved to Paris, that are just now fitting Alexandra.
Alexandra hasn't been too keen on hats, but I guess I haven't been giving her the correct ones... (Check out those teeth!!!)

She loved being pretty in this one.

And she & Sophia were playing "cookers" (as Sophia likes to call chefs) the other night.

Alexandra is on the move...

A bit of playtime for Sophia at IKEA turned into Alexandra's first foray onto a slide, stairs, and showing off her moves on the rocking horse!

Alexandra climbs, slides & rocks... from Moya Z on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sun on a ski day

(These tracks were made by my ski class!! The powder was unreal- I've never skied in anything like this! 24 hours earlier we had over 40cm - 16"- of fresh snow)

We had one day of sunshine the entire week - and it was absolutely amazing!! It was the first day that Troy & I skied together, and we had a day unlike any other... A memory...

The lunch hut on the ski hill. We were actually able to sit outside & eat - lunch was cold after about 10 min, but so much better than sitting inside.

Fashing Parade

Even King Ludwig was dancing down the street...

Getting candy from strangers! One of the best parts of any holiday.

10 days before lent starts the party begins in Munich. We are fortunate to be close enough to the city center that we can walk to most of the festivities, and be able to host a brunch after walking to the parade route.

We really enjoyed the parade this year (compared to last year when Sophia wouldn't get close to the end of our block), and having 6 kids within a 10 foot span made us prime location for the "sweeties" being thrown from the floats. We even had a couple of older ladies literally reaching in between our legs for the pieces the kids missed (we consoled ourselves by thinking they were for their grandchildren).

(Getting ready for St Patricks Day!)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Sophia's 5th birthday (part 2)

Sophia spent the day of her birthday opening breakfast presents, ski lessons, swimming, more presents, dinner with a huge chocolate cake (which she shared with all of the families at the tables around us), and finally collapsed into bed, a very tired & thrilled 5 year old!