Saturday, January 24, 2009

Alexandra at 9 months

Alexandra has gone thru quite a growth spurt over the last month. She has started to really get the hang of crawling. She is very funny about it too, she crawls on all 4s on the carpet, and then the minute she gets to the hardwood floor up comes the right foot (or if you hold it down then the left foot comes up) and she does a modified crab/sideways/circular crawl using her foot for traction - she is almost always wearing her Robeez slippers to keep her socks on & I think the leather provides her with great speed.

We've had a couple days were she was running a fever & an insanely, runny nose, and then out popped a tooth! Her nose stopped within a few hours...

She also has weaned herself off nursing. It's a bit of an adjustment, but really she was just too hungry & too impatient to wait for me anymore. We managed to get thru the trip back from Seattle, and then within the week she was finished. It's also an adjustment on my part, but being able to share more of the feeding times with Troy, and getting a night or 2 where I don't have to get up multiple times is really REALLY nice, and has been a big benefit for my enjoyment of the day.

Plus she started sleeping 10-12 hours straight at night! Heaven on Earth...

Now that she is moving, we've had to put her in the play saucer in order to get a lot done in the apartment. Crazy girl! Plus, it is really hard to keep her out of Sophia's room, and hard to keep Sophia's room baby-proofed! Polly Pockets are so small, they actually fall thru the cracks in the wood floor!