Saturday, May 29, 2010

Escape to the Sun

Again, spring in Munich has been non-existent.  The endless winter has evolved into endless rain, and we just couldn’t take it anymore.  Troy will be hitting the ground running in July with his new job, so we decided to escape from the rain to the sun, and go back to our favorite place in Provence, the Moulin de la Roque.  2010-05-29 May 2010;Provence 071

We arrived, checked in, made sure we had some wine, and then jumped in the pool.  The girls love being here, even with all the bugs (seriously too cold in Munich for any bugs yet), and all of us are much happier, even with only 2 hours of vitamin D!

2010-05-29 May 2010;Provence 006 2010-05-29 May 2010;Provence 009 2010-05-29 May 2010;Provence 030 2010-05-29 May 2010;Provence 027 2010-05-29 May 2010;Provence 035 2010-05-29 May 2010;Provence 056 2010-05-29 May 2010;Provence 069 2010-05-29 May 2010;Provence 078 It is heaven to be so warm this late at night!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Butterfly live!

Not exactly live, but definately on screen...

Rec C Assembly from Moya Z on Vimeo.

Our butterfly

Sophia’s class finally had their assembly this week – one of the last classes in the school to do so, and we have a butterfly in our family!2010-05-27 2010-05-27 001 264 The current unit in the classroom is “Life Cycles” and so the assembly was the life cycle from an egg to a butterfly.

2010-05-27 2010-05-27 001 034 2010-05-27 2010-05-27 001 194 The boys doing the caterpillar boogie

2010-05-27 2010-05-27 001 254 and finally the butterflies take flight2010-05-27 2010-05-27 001 069 2010-05-27 2010-05-27 001 095 2010-05-27 2010-05-27 001 139 2010-05-27 2010-05-27 001 276

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday at the Ballpark

Who would have known that Regensburg has a great baseball stadium?2010-05-23 2010-05-23 001 102 Turns out we knew one of the players…2010-05-23 2010-05-23 001 136 On the first warm & sunny day of the year, we spent the afternoon hanging out at the ballpark, watching Brehan play 3rd base on his 33rd birthday…2010-05-23 2010-05-23 001 040 2010-05-23 2010-05-23 001 103 and having fun with our girls…  2010-05-23 2010-05-23 001 025 2010-05-23 2010-05-23 001 174 I couldn’t find the mariners’ shirts for the girls, and myself, so we wore our Roots “USA” shirts from the Olympics, and our Mariners’ hats.  Troy passed off the hat, and everyone knew that we were the loud Americans!2010-05-23 2010-05-23 001 227 (Alexandra is still drooling!!)2010-05-23 2010-05-23 001 190 2010-05-23 2010-05-23 001 213 Sophia stole everyone’s baseball caps,2010-05-23 2010-05-23 001 242 Alexandra was able to swing with the big toy…  2010-05-23 2010-05-23 001 254 and we had a couple more family photos taken, and silliness with the birthday boy…2010-05-23 2010-05-23 001 275 2010-05-23 2010-05-23 001 280 What better way to start spring in Munich than with a game that my brother is playing.  In all the years we have been in Europe, we have only seen his home field, and never were able to enjoy his play.  There is almost nothing as good as drinking a cold beer in a stadium, watching Brehan, and I never had to yell at the Umps once!…