Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sports Day!

Yesterday at Sophia’s school the entire Lower School was split into 4 houses (shades of Hogworts) based on colors – Red, Blue, Green & Yellow.  They then spent most of the day out in the playground participating & competing (a bit) in various events:  running, obstacle course, jumping, throwing in hoops, etc.  There were a few fun breaks to play with a parachute, jump in the castle of Munich, pretzel & drink snack time. 




I would have to say it was enjoyed by all (controlled chaos), and since all of the classes were housed together there was some real cheering going on for everyone.


Sophia was very excited – her blue house won!

IMG_0287 (even a few games of duck duck goose to pass the time between activities!)

Playtime in a bin

Why is it that kids have so much fun in a plastic bin?  Is it a boat?  A train?  Can we squeeze in there together?


Obviously Sophia & Alexandra were having a blast, and it is always so much fun for us to see them enjoying each other like this!  Sorry that the giggles don’t come thru the photos…

IMG_0190 IMG_0179IMG_0187

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Alexandra makes a mess

Just a fun rainy afternoon at home while Sophia was at a birthday party... Amazing what you can do with ribbon.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Z update

Actually this should be more of a computer update...

Anyway, I'm having some majorly inconvenient computer issues, and despite being married to a MS guy with connections, it looks like the only thing I can do is go back to the original configuration of my computer - from 20 months ago (like dog years!!!) So I've gotten most of the posts updated for the major events in the past month, and it will probably take me the next couple nights to get the rest up & going (hopefully!). In the meantime, most of our photos are backed up in multiple places, as well as documents, and all the other really important things in our lives...
Hopefully when this is all done, things will be moving faster, and much more simply, than before...

and a few images to leave you with for the next couple days...
(Sophia with her self made hair cut - she actually did a pretty good job... Bangs only, she just couldn't see while she was drawing!)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Burghausen – The castle

We spent a very hot Sunday afternoon at the medieval castle of Burghausen, the longest castle in Europe with walls over 1 km long!  There were 6 different courtyards in the palace, and we could see the development of the castle thru the years, but mostly it was just hot.  We thought that on a hill overlooking the amazing old town we would get a bit of a breeze, but there was nothing.

 May 09 (206) May 09 (184) May 09 (208)

Sophia ended up in the stroller, while Alexandra got a ride with Troy.  Both girls fell asleep in the car on the way home…

May 09 (162)

Thru the courtyards there were chapels, private gardens, a cafe, and an amazing view to a swimming lake down below (from now on we bring our bathing suits for day trips).

May 09 (182) May 09 (200) May 09 (218)

May 09 (213)