Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sports Day!

Yesterday at Sophia’s school the entire Lower School was split into 4 houses (shades of Hogworts) based on colors – Red, Blue, Green & Yellow.  They then spent most of the day out in the playground participating & competing (a bit) in various events:  running, obstacle course, jumping, throwing in hoops, etc.  There were a few fun breaks to play with a parachute, jump in the castle of Munich, pretzel & drink snack time. 




I would have to say it was enjoyed by all (controlled chaos), and since all of the classes were housed together there was some real cheering going on for everyone.


Sophia was very excited – her blue house won!

IMG_0287 (even a few games of duck duck goose to pass the time between activities!)


Emily said...

How exciting the Blue team won and great to see Sophia in her shirt! The girls just keep getting cuter and it looks like Alexandra might have a few new teeth since we last saw you.

Moya said...

Thank you for the shirt - it was perfect & I only wish the photo of her jumping in the Munich Castle (which actually was the outline of the frauenkirche) turned out.