Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Salzburg for a day

Not having much time left, we’ve been thinking about the things we really want to do in Munich.  It doesn’t look like we will be able to climb the Olympic stadium, and U2 isn’t scheduled until Oct, but I really wanted to get back to Salzburg.2010-06-23 2010-06-23 001 017

So today was my day.  A little strange because while both girls were in school, Troy & I were in 2 different countries, and neither were the country our girls were in.  But I could have run across the border so I felt pretty ok about it…2010-06-23 2010-06-23 001 002

It was beautiful, and just amazing to be back “home.” 

I actually drove right to the Stiegl Brewery, and loved what they have done to the Brewery Museum!2010-06-23 2010-06-23 001 006 2010-06-23 2010-06-23 001 003 (loved their May Pole!!)2010-06-23 2010-06-23 001 007 The beer garden in the courtyard was amazing, and I know it would have been one of our hangouts – if only it was open when we lived there.  Now days, (sounding so old) the kids live across town & would never come to this area…

After picking up my kitch, I parked in the most amazing parking lot under the Moenchsberg, and walked thru town.2010-06-23 2010-06-23 001 009 2010-06-23 2010-06-23 001 014 The cathedral is finally finished – no more photos of Kylie Minogue on the outside – and looks clean, beautiful, and very peaceful considering the scene outside.

2010-06-23 2010-06-23 001 015 Obviously setting up for a concert.  I hope the weather holds!!2010-06-23 2010-06-23 001 005

I did notice that the streets were rather empty for the end of June.  Maybe the weather in Europe is finally getting to the tourists (I’ve never see the rivers so high), or the world economy is finally taking it’s toll, but Hugo Boss is gone…  Sorry.

2010-06-23 2010-06-23 001 018

What a day, thank you…

World Cup Fever

I forgot to post this, with all the end of school year excitement, but now that the US has moved on to the next round, along with England, I can share with pride the night we tied…

2010-06-12 2010-06-12 002 006 who knew I was married to Captain America?

The group watching from inside the sports hall was quite intense,2010-06-12 2010-06-12 002 001 so I was part of the “outdoor crowd” that just ran to the screen when things got loud…

As an American, I was thrilled with the tie – And after 2 weeks of world cup fever, even Sophia knows how to chant “USA!  USA!”