Saturday, November 17, 2007

Verona with Dom, Ana & Ida

Walking around the Roman Arena in Verona was surreal. A cold day, but not bad compared to the 6" of snow we left in Munich. We tried walking the stairs to keep warm, and ended up with sore quads the next day! It was an amazing view from the top level, with the remains of the 4 arches that were still standing after the earthquake in 1117ad, and the roof tops of the town.
There are still performances given during the summer months, when the marble seats would be a natural air conditioning in the evening, instead of causing your legs to go blue!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Baby update

18 weeks & counting...

I'd post ultrasound photos, but we don't have a scanner so you'll just have to take our word for it. Everything is good. Baby is growing, kicking a lot, and has very long legs. No word on the sex yet, we'll probably find out in Dec. In the meantime, we are still looking at lots of names.

The german doctor experience was quite nice. Very clean & efficient office. All of the staff spoke english, a bonus when talking medical information with nurses, and the Doctor was very thorough. She talked a little bit about the birth experience, and the 4 to 5 days in the hospital afterwards. 4 to 5 days! What am I going to do there? We'll have to go visit some of the hospitals here in Munich & pick one that looks like a spa...

She also thinks that April 20, 2008 is a better due date than April 26th.

We'll see...

Sophia's first Snowball

Who rolls a snowball in baseball straight lines?

Monday morning we woke up to snow. Not a lot, but enough so that in my Seattle brain I thought, "Its a snow day from school". But just for a second. I think it would take a blizzard for a week to halt the lives of people here in Munich. People were still riding bikes all over the city, while it was snowing. (Better than rain I guess).
Anyway, after school Sophia & I went to a big grassy area behind the Town Hall in central Munich to make snow angels. Unfortunately most of the snow had melted, except for the leftovers of snowmen people had made on the grass. Needless to say, Sophia had a blast! We were throwing snowballs for dogs to chase, snowballs at each other, snowballs up in the air just to see them crash to the ground and wonder where they went.
And in her Paris mind, the fact that we were on the grass, running on the grass, playing on the grass, was just as exciting as the snow.