Sunday, December 02, 2007

Regensburg Christmas Market

Pre & post cleaning of the exterior of the Cathedral entrance.

We drove up to Regensburg on Sunday for the first weekend of Advent opening of the Christmas markets all over Germany. Kind of fun to be doing some kind of shopping on a Sunday, and not related to apartment anything at all!

It was a very quaint market, just once around the small parish church in the middle of town, but cute & great wooden toys. Also a couple of carousels that Sophia just had to ride, but they go really REALLY fast here (all the vehicles are fast in Germany) so she settled for riding the elephant just once. After that it was to a coffee bar/cafe to warm up for lunch & back to Munich for a lazy evening at home.

There also is a "romantic" christmas market near the palace (the one I remember watching dozens of times on Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous on all of those Friday night babysitting nights). But romance & cold, hungry 3 year olds don't do well together.