Tuesday, July 10, 2007

St Malo at Sunset & High Tide...

Low tide on the promenade.

Troy braves the breakers at high tide...

Monday, July 09, 2007

St Malo

(S-O-P-H-I-A upside down: learning to write her name in the sand)

Refusing to let go of her Dora bucket.

The old homes on the promenade of St Malo - the architecture was amazing! Eye candy...

Looking for rocks with the bucket. Surprisingly Sophia was very disappointed with the beautiful soft sand beaches. She was looking for rocks to throw - silly girl.
Sophia & Troy laughing in the wind, and a lot of wind there was...

St Malo has some of the lowest tides in Europe, we think the water went out at least 1/2 mile from the town boardwalk.

More Mt St Michel

Le Mt St Michel

We spent a wonderful rest of the week in the Brittany area near Mt St Michel and in St Malo. We were thinking we would spend a day at Mt St Michel, and the rest of the time on the beach, but we seemed to have gale force winds most of the days, and nights, so our time on the beach was a little limited.

The high tide approaching the parking lot. (check out where the busses are!)

It was amazing driving off the highway, and seeing the shadow of the Abbey almost 15 miles away. It just kept getting bigger & clearer the closer we got. Definately a highlight trip, even Sophia was excited to be there (although she refers to it as the "Good Knight Castle").
Sophia in the cloisters.

Munich Round 2

Sophia in her new Duckie bathrobe provided by the hotel... She LOVED it & LOVED going swimming so she could wear it!

Sunday afternoon we spent biking thru Munich again, and poor Sophia fell asleep in the seat on the back of the bike. Somehow we managed to transfer her into my arms, where she slept for the next hour or so. It's been years since she has slept in our arms, it was wonderful...

But no apartment to be found in Munich. Troy is going to look at a few more when he is there this week, and then we will see.