Saturday, November 21, 2009

Schloss Blutenburg

We are trying to visit all of the castles in the area just around Munich, and today we went to Schloss Blutenburg.  Currently it is  the International Children’s Library, but it was closed the day we were there.  We were able to walk into the close, where there was the remains of the summer beer garden, and then we walked thru the parkland and around the lake.   Schloss BlutenburgSchloss Blutenburg Schloss BlutenburgSchloss Blutenburg

It was a little anti-climatic, but the girls had fun – and no one got wet!

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Date Night on a School Night

Troy & I went to the Ampere tonight to see Ingrid Michaelson in Concert.  An amazing experience because we actually saw that she was going to be in town (it is really hard to follow everything that is going on in Munich) and were able to secure a babysitter for a night that Troy isn’t traveling!!  Plus the performance hall is tiny, there were maybe 500 people there, so no matter where you were standing, there was a fairly decent view of the stage.Nov 2009 044 (we were on the balcony)

She has done a lot of writing for the Grey’s Anatomy soundtracks, and a duet with Jason Mranz, but seeing her with just one other person on stage, instead of an entire entourage,  was so much fun. 

Nov 2009 014 Nov 2009 054

This video is a selection of songs & interaction from the concert, sorry for the quality.  We just brought our little camera tonight & it is funny under low / spot light conditions…

Sunday, November 15, 2009

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Christmas? Already?  Well, things happen pretty quickly here.  And for some reason the Christmas season seems really short this year?  What ever the reason, Sophia is really excited about Christmas this year, and she already has written her first Santa Letter, complete with cut outs from a toy catalogue of what she would like.  I’ll post photos soon.

We went to a friends’ house a couple weeks ago & made salt dough ornaments, and today was the day to paint them.  Sophia & I took advantage of Troy & Alexandra’s nap time to do a serious amount of painting, and then Alexandra joined us when it degraded into finger painting on everything else…

Nov 2009 162 Nov 2009 156 Nov 2009 164 Nov 2009 166