Friday, August 25, 2006

Movie Night at the Cathedral

So tonight we had one of those amazing Paris experiences – which of course I had to share with you. We had been back in Paris for two days and our friends at the American Cathedral invited us to movie night at the cathedral with four of our favorite couples in the world. We shared great conversations about everything from Shakespeare to baby seats. Our group included the American Cathedral Curate, 2 attorneys, an Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development representative (OECD – an offshoot of the Marshal Plan), the Cathedral organist, and some funny looking guy from Microsoft (wait that’s me).

Honestly, I was quite confused. I thought we were watching the 80s film Vision Quest, the one with Laudin Swain (played by Mathew Modine in Spokane, Washington) where he takes on Shoot (apparently, you’re tougher in 80’s films if you have only one name) for the state wresting championship. It turned out that the movie was Galaxy Quest, an off beat comedy starring Tim “Tool time” Taylor, Sigorney Weaver and Jeremy Irons. The Star Trek like cast is mistaken for real space travelers from a bunch of Aliens, and they are forced into some sort of save the world situation.

I’d say all in all, it was a fine use of the audio visual tools of the American Cathedral, as well as use of the courtyard – although I have to imagine all the trendy Champs Elysees passers by on their way to the club thought it was cool too, at least the view from the street. For us, inside, we ended up glancing up at the lit Cathedral spire (I’m told the highest in Paris) and watching the planes cross high above, and simply wonder – “Who do we think we are…”

Well, we return to the Cathedral in a few weeks for the annual 80’s barbecue – where it all started for us at the Cathedral. Go Banana-rama and Depeche Mode!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sophia & Sean at the Lake

One of the best things about being in the US was watching Sophia & Sean re-connect. They have always had a special relationship, and Sophia always "talks" to Sean on her phone here in Paris. The first night we saw Sean on this trip she didn't want to let go of him, and that joy in him continued throughout the entire time we were there. It is so much fun to see the two of them get lost in the giggles...

Monday, August 21, 2006

Sophia at the Lake

We had the most amazing weather while we were in Seattle & spent the majority of the time at the lake with our family. Sophia loved being up there. Nana & Papa had purchased a slide for her that we added to the kiddie pool & she spent hours in the pool, out of the pool, sliding, throwing rocks in the water, walking out to the mermaid rock, jumping on the "trampoline" (the inner-tube for beind the boat), and swinging in her swing.
She loves to be outside, and by the end of the vacation was running around on all of the prickly grass with no shoes on (it makes the rest of us cringe just thinking about it). It was a great time.
Now how to we keep her activity up in our apartment?