Monday, September 24, 2007

Sophia & Liam at Disneyland

Sophia was so excited to have her buddy Liam come & play with her. She has been going thru withdrawls & a bit of culture shock being back in Paris, but having her 2 best friends gone. Lilly moved back to London over the summer, and Ava Lou is now in South Africa (playing with the Zoo animals according to Sophia). It was great fun to see the kids play together, and to remember eachother after such a short time apart.

Disneyland Resort Paris

We decided to spend one of our last days in France taking Sophia to the happiest place on earth, french style. Disneyland Paris was a blast, and even more fun because Meri, Henrik & our godson Liam were visiting from the US via Sweden.
The park was clean, efficient, not crowded on a cloudy Monday, but with French twists. There are no primary colors in the park decorations, everything is in pastels, and you can have beer & wine with your lunch (well you can if you aren't pregnant ~ actually you can have it even if you are pregnant, those europeans...)
Sophia was completely overwhelmed when we walked in. Eye candy for kids, and we saw 3 princesses within 5 minutes! She had no idea what to do... Now all she can talk about it is the next time she sees Cinderella & Ariel she is going to say hello.
On Main Street USA

Troy & Sophia in "Its a small world" with the Greek characters.

The Zs at Sleeping Beauty Castle.
Sophia dancing down main street (with Henrik & Liam following)
Driving Lightning Mc Queen (the cars were just as much fun as I remembered!)

Turning on the Dumbo Ride

The Dumbo Ride
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