Monday, September 24, 2007

Disneyland Resort Paris

We decided to spend one of our last days in France taking Sophia to the happiest place on earth, french style. Disneyland Paris was a blast, and even more fun because Meri, Henrik & our godson Liam were visiting from the US via Sweden.
The park was clean, efficient, not crowded on a cloudy Monday, but with French twists. There are no primary colors in the park decorations, everything is in pastels, and you can have beer & wine with your lunch (well you can if you aren't pregnant ~ actually you can have it even if you are pregnant, those europeans...)
Sophia was completely overwhelmed when we walked in. Eye candy for kids, and we saw 3 princesses within 5 minutes! She had no idea what to do... Now all she can talk about it is the next time she sees Cinderella & Ariel she is going to say hello.
On Main Street USA

Troy & Sophia in "Its a small world" with the Greek characters.

The Zs at Sleeping Beauty Castle.
Sophia dancing down main street (with Henrik & Liam following)
Driving Lightning Mc Queen (the cars were just as much fun as I remembered!)

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