Sunday, June 29, 2008

Buon giorno from Lake Como

Moya and i decided to take a little break before the madness of the summer tour, so we drove 5 hours south to Lake Como. And despite the fact that we have yet to see George Clooney at his villa, we have seen amazing views across the lake, great scenes at the pool, and this view from our balcony. Of course, it's no Puget Sound, but we'll put up with it. Tonight, the most violent storm came in that I've ever seen, and without warning. We had a light show for more than an hour. Thank goodness we decided to stay in tonight. We also watched the finals of the Euro Championship. Unfortunately, our host country, Germany, didn't show up to play and Spain walked away with the championship 1-0. Sophia told everyone she met on the way that she was going to Italy. They were all quite imrpessed.