Saturday, April 03, 2010

Sisters at Play

Sophia is really, really into making forts.  Recently she was studying ways people survive around the world, and one of the common themes was shelter, so the class was allowed to make forts.  They get more extravagant as the weeks go on.  2010-04-03 2010-04-03 001 001

This time, she and Alexandra did a combination of desk, pillows, drapes and Alexandra’s crib.  I think they were also taking orders for something…2010-04-03 2010-04-03 001 002

When Alexandra finally was able to put her bed back in order & fall asleep, Sophia colored Easter eggs in a very red kitchen.2010-04-03 2010-04-03 001 003 2010-04-03 2010-04-03 001 005 It was a very useable kitchen, bigger than ours in the 16th, and I was back to cooking on gas…  Heaven.

Earlier in the day Sophia had tried out a velib bike, one of the rental bikes they have around Paris.  Riding the Velib in Paris

Just in case you ever feel like playing chicken with cars & riding around Paris…

Friday, April 02, 2010

Life in the 17th

We’ve rented apartments all over Paris it seems, but never in the 17th arr.  This apartment was the best, by far, of our rentals. Although we knew the area because our friends Kevin & Rachel lived there when we all lived in Paris, we had never really taken the time to explore it very much.

There are lots of parks, so we spent our first afternoon dodging rain drops at Park Periere.  (Missed you Rachel & Ava Lou!!)At Park Perirre in the 17th, Paris At Park Perirre in the 17th, Paris At Park Perirre in the 17th, Paris  At Park Perirre in the 17th, Paris At Park Perirre in the 17th, Paris At Park Perirre in the 17th, Paris They were moving so fast we never got a photo of them together!

So weird that Sophia is the big girl now.  She was the one climbing up on top of all of the trains & houses.  Crazy!!

Missing: One Tooth

Somewhere between Metz & Paris, Sophia lost a tooth.  Lost Tooth

Luckily, she was in the car and was able to spit it out before she swallowed it, but it made for a very exciting entrance into Paris, and something to look forward to tonight…Lost Tooth

I’m sure the tooth fairy (or tooth Mouse in France) pays very well in Paris.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

The rest of Metz

Leaving the cathedral, we wandered down thru town to the river (mosel) and gave the girls some play time.Metz, France (Troy loved this, kind of a no brainer huh?)Metz, France

They found water, natrually, in the form of a fountain, that had created puddles of water on the grass.  Unfortunately we had forgotten her boots, so she was soaked, but at least she never managed to actually climb in the fountain base.Metz, France Metz, France  Metz, France Metz, France Metz, France

Amazing Metz

After our many drives from Munich to Paris, we have decided that splitting up the drive on the way there is an easy way to make sure that everyone is happy.  We have tried many locations over the past couple years, but finally spent the night in Metz, and now we regret not being there sooner!Metz, France

We entered the city in the late afternoon with sun pouring down on us, and blinding us by its reflection off the cathedral.  Gorgeous!

Metz, France

Walking into the Cathedral both Troy & I were stunned at the height of the nave, and the gorgeous windows around the entire church.Metz Cathedral & the Chagall Windows   Some in better shape than others,

 Metz Cathedral & the Chagall WindowsMetz Cathedral & the Chagall Windows

  but the more interesting part was the inclusion of modern stained glass.  As we were standing in the left transept, a set of windows caught my eye and I said to Troy – That looks like Marc Chagall’s work.  But there was no sign of who the artist was.Metz Cathedral & the Chagall Windows

Behind the High Alter, however, was another series of windows, and a very long explanation of Marc Chagall’s work on various churches in France. (we had also seen some of his work in Reims.)Metz Cathedral & the Chagall Windows Metz Cathedral & the Chagall Windows As art alone it is stunning, I was blown away by it being in the cathedral.

Metz Cathedral & the Chagall Windows

And the outside was just as ornate.Metz Cathedral & the Chagall Windows Metz Cathedral & the Chagall Windows

Monday, March 29, 2010

Bribery, Munich style

Mondays are tough mornings in our house.  I’m not really a morning person & the bus comes at 8:08 exactly (it’s a bit like the Truman Show sometimes), but Mondays also have the added bonus of being garbage/recycling days. 

In our apartment house, garbage is stored in the courtyard, and bumped down & then back up 8 steps outside the door, up 5 more steps inside our wooden stairwell, before being bumped out  8 steps to the street.  Very loud on a monday when you don’t actually have to get up.

There are very particular rules about the size & shape of the recycle material.  All in all, not an easy process, and one that makes me want to just shove it all in the garbage & look the other way.  (except that my neighbors will come knocking on my door to instruct me in the “correct” way of doing things, and I really try to avoid any kind of interaction).

However, Troy & I have never thought of just bribing the garbage men.2010-03-28 2010-03-28 001 003 It worked too.