Monday, March 29, 2010

Bribery, Munich style

Mondays are tough mornings in our house.  I’m not really a morning person & the bus comes at 8:08 exactly (it’s a bit like the Truman Show sometimes), but Mondays also have the added bonus of being garbage/recycling days. 

In our apartment house, garbage is stored in the courtyard, and bumped down & then back up 8 steps outside the door, up 5 more steps inside our wooden stairwell, before being bumped out  8 steps to the street.  Very loud on a monday when you don’t actually have to get up.

There are very particular rules about the size & shape of the recycle material.  All in all, not an easy process, and one that makes me want to just shove it all in the garbage & look the other way.  (except that my neighbors will come knocking on my door to instruct me in the “correct” way of doing things, and I really try to avoid any kind of interaction).

However, Troy & I have never thought of just bribing the garbage men.2010-03-28 2010-03-28 001 003 It worked too.

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