Thursday, April 01, 2010

Amazing Metz

After our many drives from Munich to Paris, we have decided that splitting up the drive on the way there is an easy way to make sure that everyone is happy.  We have tried many locations over the past couple years, but finally spent the night in Metz, and now we regret not being there sooner!Metz, France

We entered the city in the late afternoon with sun pouring down on us, and blinding us by its reflection off the cathedral.  Gorgeous!

Metz, France

Walking into the Cathedral both Troy & I were stunned at the height of the nave, and the gorgeous windows around the entire church.Metz Cathedral & the Chagall Windows   Some in better shape than others,

 Metz Cathedral & the Chagall WindowsMetz Cathedral & the Chagall Windows

  but the more interesting part was the inclusion of modern stained glass.  As we were standing in the left transept, a set of windows caught my eye and I said to Troy – That looks like Marc Chagall’s work.  But there was no sign of who the artist was.Metz Cathedral & the Chagall Windows

Behind the High Alter, however, was another series of windows, and a very long explanation of Marc Chagall’s work on various churches in France. (we had also seen some of his work in Reims.)Metz Cathedral & the Chagall Windows Metz Cathedral & the Chagall Windows As art alone it is stunning, I was blown away by it being in the cathedral.

Metz Cathedral & the Chagall Windows

And the outside was just as ornate.Metz Cathedral & the Chagall Windows Metz Cathedral & the Chagall Windows

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