Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Preparations for Christmas

We’ve been trying to keep the Christmas spirit going in the evenings with lots of different activities & craft projects (I’m trying to get more creative!!). 

Of course Alexandra cried thru her St Nicolaus Party at school…

Dec 2009 014 She saw me & wouldn’t go anywhere near the rest of her class.  Halo & all…Dec 2009 013

But the room looked great, and one family from the school owns the Indian restaurant down the street so they brought lots of yummy food – Alexandra ate it all!

Sophia has done her Gingerbread house for the table,Dec 2009 118 Dec 2009 128 Sophia painted Salt Dough Ornaments, and we discovered that water colors – although safe for our kitchen, are not good when trying to keep the dough ornaments dry…Nov 2009 162 and the painting turned into finger painting, and then a colorful bath.Nov 2009 166 Alexandra & I got in on the fun as well.Nov 2009 153 But the paint brushes were too difficult, hands worked much better.Nov 2009 164

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