Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Museum Day in Munich

Troy & I took advantage of a babysitting opportunity to have a date day, visiting Villa Stuck and the Bavarian State Museum, with a warming lunch in between.  villa Stuck

Villa Stuck is impressive, from it’s original house structurevilla Stuckvilla Stuck (who can live in rooms that look like this – I would have a serious anxiety attack)villa Stuck But the “Girls of Tiffany” exhibit was fascinating.  I just loved hearing the stories behind the designs, even if they were all told from the perspective of the designer…villa Stuck The Bavarian State Museum was an impressive palace, with a few rooms that were amazing (the instruments, cabinets, and armor were our favorites!) but was a bit confusing, and we never were able to find the exhibit on the Manger that were somewhere within the walls…Bavarian State Museum Bavarian State Museum and the table setting for the archbishop… very rich indeed…Bavarian State Museum

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