Wednesday, August 05, 2009

More Sun on the Beach at Crissy Field

Today was our day to go to the Exploratorium, and then to the beach afterwards if we had time, but when we drove into the parking lot at the Palace of Fine Arts, the line for the museum was around the corner & the lot was packed!  We didn’t feel like waiting an hour to get into the museum, so we changed plans & headed to Crissy Field for some beach play.  San Fran 2009 043 San Fran 2009 039

And what a day we had.  It turned out that it was the national Kite Boarding Championships were taking place later that day, and the wind was just perfect for flying our own kites (thank you Mary for thinking ahead!!).San Fran 2009 174

San Fran 2009 059 Alexandra kept trying to get into kite flying as well, but mostly like chasing the tails.San Fran 2009 060

The entertainment was non-stop; Kite Boarders, Groups of Parachutes with colored smoke, a fly-bye from the Blue Angels, Sun, Wind…  It was heaven.San Fran 2009 124 San Fran 2009 087 San Fran 2009 111 San Fran 2009 075 and everyone in constant motion…

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