Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sun in San Francisco

Amazingly enough, the sun followed us down to San Francsico for our visit with the Z side.  We spent the morning in Golden Gate Park letting the girls run & play a bit before catching up with the girls’ Nounas over lunch. 

San Fran 2009 001 Alexandra, being the little monkey that she is, climbed right into the cup, and quickly discovered the fun of centrifugal force.San Fran 2009 003 San Fran 2009 010 These are really the most stable swings I have ever been on, and still fun because you feel a bit like you are going to slide off at any second…San Fran 2009 028 San Fran 2009 016 San Fran 2009 018 (trying to keep them away from the water was a challenge!)

San Fran 2009 031 And no trip would be complete without a ride on the carousel!

San Fran 2009 025 San Fran 2009 030 and finally off to lunch, and a bit of a collapse while waiting…

San Fran 2009 029

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