Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Pleasant Hill Water Park

We really wanted to get together with Troy’s cousin Sandy & her family, as well as Troy’s brother, but having all the kids at a restaurant is not a situation where you can actually have a conversation about, well, anything really.  So Sandy found a water park in the East Bay that looked like it would work out well for us.  It was perfect, the closest thing to a German water park I have seen in the US, apart from the fact that they made a couple of bad design decisions.**

San Fran 2009 517

Anyway, we had a great time.  The kids just RAN & jumped into the water.  Sophia was jumping off the edge of the pool & swimming underwater to the ladder – thank you swim lessons!  Alexandra was really happy to toddle around in the sprays.  For Sophia it was especially fun because her cousin Amarah is 6 months older than her, and it is always more fun to have a friend when playing.

San Fran 2009 507

Marty & his new wife Monica came as well, and Marty chased down the ice cream man & bought treats for everyone.  The best way to make an impression as a fun uncle for our kids.

San Fran 2009 516It was great to be watch the kids play & have fun & we managed to actually have a few conversations on the side.  It was a hot day, and the water was the best place to be. San Fran 2009 508 San Fran 2009 519

(**The water spray area has a cement floor, so the kids can’t run thru any of the fountains or sprays…  What’s with that?  The life guards spend most of the time yelling at kids to stop running!  Where is the fun there?  And it puts the life guards in a terrible position – how do you allow the kids the be kids when they can’t run & play?)

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