Friday, August 07, 2009

A day with the fish

We spent the morning at the Steinhart Aquarium with Mary & Cynthia & the girls absolutely loved it.  One of Alexandra’s new words is Fish, and she was going crazy while we were there saying “fish, fish, FISH” over & over again.  She could never imagine so many fish in one place.

San Fran 2009 352 I think the title of Aquarium really limits what you would think of the building.  There was a rain forest (lots of humidity & big hair) with tons of butterflies, San Fran 2009 356San Fran 2009 354 an African Hall with lots of stuffed animals & some live Penguins, San Fran 2009 394 an underwater tunnel, San Fran 2009 371San Fran 2009 374San Fran 2009 380 the touch tank,San Fran 2009 386San Fran 2009 389 the Planetarium, and a roof Observation Deck with great views of Golden Gate park.  Somehow we missed the swamp with the Albino Aligator…  Next time.

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