Friday, August 07, 2009

Dinner with the Godfather

We had dinner with Ron & Carol tonight (Mexican – whoohoo!!), and then the girls were able to play with Tyler when Jen & Justin came by as well.  Sophia was immediately comfortable with Ron & Carol, even riding in their car back from dinner, and both girls played so hard, they were asleep before we left the driveway on the way back to the city.

San Fran 2009 498 San Fran 2009 500 San Fran 2009 505 The mustang was a huge hit.  I think Alexandra spent hours going in & out of it.

No photos of the baseball that was being played, I was laughing too hard.  Tyler & Alexandra kept running into each other as they were making their was around the “bases,”  with Alexandra being on the ground after impact most of the time.  Tyler is a little bigger than her.

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