Monday, May 23, 2005

Back to Seattle

Yes we have only been gone 6 weeks & we are already back to Seattle for a bit. Troy had a conference at corporate this week, so we thought we would combine a bit of homesickness, with the transition to our "real" apartment, and Memorial Day weekend for a 10 day visit. Needless to say it was a whirlwind experience, but so much fun... Jet lag isn't so bad going back to the US.

Sunday afternoon was fantastic, a great Mariners game, and then play time at the park with Sean. One of the best parts was the swing, we can't find swings in Paris - I think they take up too much space in a city of 15 million people & judging from the Lord of the Flies at the playground there, swings would be dangerous. Needless to say, Sophia was in heaven & collapsed into bed with a great big smile on her face.
The only one missing was Uncle Brehan, still in Hamburg on his birthday - Happy Birthday!

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